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Business apology Tip #11: Circle back

By Lauren | June 12, 2009

Once you’ve apologized to your unhappy customer or client and made amends, you may be tempted to sit back, rest on your laurels, and presume that all’s well with your relationship. Don’t do it! For any of several reasons, your unhappy customer may harbor some lingering resentment. She may not be terribly angry any more, but if you want to keep her business it’s smart to follow up.

Sometimes, of course, it’s not possible to check back in with an unhappy customer. Restaurant owners and retailers, for example, may not even know how to make contact with a customer after an apology. (That, of course, makes it all the more important to apologize effectively in the first place.)

But if you’ve had an ongoing relationship with an unhappy client or customer and have a telephone number, address, or even a follow-up appointment, take the next opportunity to check back and confirm that things are really okay between you. It doesn’t have to be a big deal – a simple “just wanted to make sure you understand that we’re very sorry for what happened and we appreciate your business” will suffice. That offers the customer one more opportunity to tell you if something’s still amiss. If it is, fix it! If not, breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that all is well.

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