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Kids shouldn’t eat petroleum!

By Lauren | March 31, 2011

NPR ran an interesting piece this morning about artificial food dyes. It seems that there’s an ongoing debate about whether they cause ADHD in children. The battle of the experts should have been fascinating, but I’ll admit to having been distracted by a throwaway line at the top of the piece.

NPR said that artificial food dyes are made with petroleum … and they’re used in food that children routinely eat, like colored breakfast cereals. Ye gods.

It’s bad enough if adults want to risk their health by eating poisonously dolled-up food. To give it to kids, who don’t know any better and may not have a whole lot of choice about what’s put in front of them anyway, is just appalling. And what amazes me most is that the companies who use the dyes are making this an argument about which colors cause hyperactivity and which ones don’t. If they all have petroleum in them, what difference does it make?

Personally, I’ve never liked strongly-colored foods. Artificial colorings have a nasty taste to them, and now I know why. We all know that the price of petroleum is rising out of sight. All the more reason to pump it into our cars, and not our kids.

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